Hitech Civil Engineering
Services (M) Pvt. Ltd.,
SINCE 1994

Dear All,

We are delighted to present this rejuvenated Hitech Web site.

Our company is marching ahead courageously towards creating a better tomorrow for all of us by continual improvement program in terms of technicality and service. We are resolute to build a better HITECH, which means sincerely attempting to be a better Repair & Rehabilitation company, a better Employer and a better Corporate Citizen.

Our country is expected to see increased economic growth and improved foreign investment that will spur demand for construction. In addition to these, we also need to restore the existing structures for it’s intended use for the design period. Hence there exist an immediate need of enriching eco-system by reducing the exploitation of natural resources, by replacing with modern construction chemicals to restore the existing structures.

Management has taken concrete steps to win respect and loyalty of our customers & employees, thereby build a better future; To mention few:

  • Targeting specific opportunities, where we have strong credentials.
  • Upgrading company's working environment.
  • Cost rationalization and waste minimization initiatives.
  • Strengthening our Safety & QA-QC Performance.
  • Building Concrete Relationship
  • Single Point Solution provider from Testing, Trading & Turnkey Execution

“HITECH”' has become a corporate brand, which performs notably in Buildings & Factories, Infrastructure, Industrial & Power projects' for the Repair & Rehabilitation of RC Structures. On the technology front, HITECH is gearing up to undertake projects adopting new trends in the field of Repair & Rehabilitation including design.

With this, I wish you all the best. I am grateful to you for your cooperation and trust that you have bestowed on us, without which our progression would have remained just a distant dream. While this may be the conclusion of my message, let me assure you that what we are looking at is actually the beginning of an exciting new chapter in our growth odyssey.

Dr. V. Rajendran
Managing Director